Saksham Feedback

“Thank you for a wonderful visit with excellent students and dedicated, kind teachers. You are doing a great job.”

Gail Cockburn

“It was a heartening and heartwarming experience. Wonderful and inspiring work done by the founders and the teachers. Keep up the good work and God bless!”

Jolly Jacob
New Zealand

Kirshn Kumari

It was a great experience visiting your school. The work you are doing is highly commendable. It was amazing to see the notebooks of children and the level of education imparted to them. Details like the neatness of children, the way of keeping books and slippers shows the change in attitude that you have instilled in them .More importantly, a sense of values that is reflecting in their thinking is what it takes to create a positive revolution.

Shilpa Garg

It is inspiring to learn of what is happening here. New beginnings, renewal of hope. All sincere good wishes

Manoj Kumar