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Gift of life-Pooja’s tryst with destiny

This is one of those stories that Saksham is always going to  talk about because  it  emphasises  the most unexpected ways that a little bit of reaching out  may sometimes  lead to events unfolding to change the course of lives. Pooja  lived  in a ramshackle tent like dwelling on the roadside, in Nithari village , […]

Kids Diary

Saksham boys

Shubham and Sunil have been part of the Saksham family from the time they were eight or nine.  Nitin joined a little later. They have spent a lot of their time in the classrooms and premises of the school. It is home for them in more ways than one.   It is a matter of […]

Saksham profiles

Anuj Kumar – Saksham artist

Anuj Kumar – Saksham Artist. Anuj Kumar has been a student of Saksham and lives in Noida. He is sixteen years old and has passed his Secondary school examinations this year (2015) scoring 76%. He is now enrolled in the same Government school for the Senior Seondary. Anuj seen with his brother Santosh, during a […]

Saksham profiles

Growing up with Saksham – In Laxmi’s words

Laxmi ‘s family hails from the Almora District of Uttarakhand.  Her father  had migrated to the city many years ago.  Her mother had followed him  along with her three children some years later. Her father worked a t odd jobs  in hotels and such and the income had always been meager and erratic. Her mother […]

Saksham profiles

Sonam’s story

(Translated from hindi) This is a little story about me, about how I came to Saksham and became a part of it. I was living in a  small rented room . My husband’s income was very meager at that time and half of it went towards the rent. He used to be working in a […]