An eye-opener on how all education must be organized.

Anim Goel

Thank you to all the students and teachers for this amazing opportunity. Education is truly loved and appreciated in your school. I am impressed with the students’ desire to learn. Nothing will change their situation more than a valued education.You have all done such selfless and innovative work here.

I have been inspired and humbled I hope to accomplish something as great in my life. Thank you.
You have all touched my heart.

Maria Ranallo

From downtrodden children to educated Indians – affording them confidence and employability. You are doing a great job. A good beginning to nation building. All the best for your efforts. May there be more of your kind of people. We are humbled and proud of you and your efforts.

Alok Mehndiratta, President
Rotary Club of Delhi South

Thank you for welcoming us to your school. The children are working so hard and we enjoyed meeting your teachers. We hope you make good use of all the books we brought.

Claire Joyce

This is a nice experience with the children. We are ready to help and support. CSC always provide all the facilities to provide education to the children. Thanks.

Deepak Srivastava