Evening classes in Juggi cluster


Initially it was a small group of around 20 children which grew to nearly 75.

Evening classes in Nithari Village

July 2001

Started evening classes on a common terrace in Nithari Village, Sector-31 in July 2002 after the juggis were demolished by the Noida authorities and the relocation of some of the families to Nithari.

Kids admmission in local school

July 2003

Started sending some of the children to a local school in Nithari from July, 2003. Simultaneously evening classes were held in the open compound of one of the houses of the family of the Late Shri Sharma, in Nithari.

Saksham registered as Charitable Trust

As the number of children grew  the need was felt to give a more concrete form  to sustain the continuity  of these efforts. Saksham therby came to be  registered as a Charitable Trust under the relevant Act of the Government on 17/12/2003.

Informal school started in rented premise

July 2005

An informal school was started in rented premises in Nithari in July, 2005. There were four classes, with a total strength of around 200 children. The classes were held from 4:00 P.M to 7:00 P.M. Expenditure incurred was towards the monthly rent of Rs.4000/ and for the salaries of teachers, who were engaged from the locality and other incidental expenses.

School shifted to the present  premises  in Nithari

April 2006

The informal school was shifted to the present premises in Nithari in April, 2006.

“Pandies” – Introduced Theatre workshop


Theatre workshop was introduced in the school by the Theatre group “Pandies” , which was founded by Shri Sanjay, Lecturer in Hansraj college in 2006.

Demise of Rachna


We lost one of our very young students Rachna , who was one of the victims of the gruesome murders committed in one of the houses in Nithari.

Open heart surgery of Pooja Kumari

December, 2006

Open heart surgery of Pooja Kumari, a student of Saksham and whose parents made a living by selling tea and snacks from a shack on the footpath, was conducted in Fortis Hospital,Vasant Kunj in December 2006. The expenses for the surgery was borne by the Rotary Club, under their programme,”Gift of Life”. Pooja, who was then even finding it to walk continuously, got a fresh lease of life and went on to get married and become a mother.

Weekly medical check-ups for Kids & their family


Weekly medical check-ups of the children and their parents and other adults commenced in 2006. Apart from attending to minor ailments, necessary follow-up check-ups and medication was undertaken in several cases of Tuberculosis, which were detected during these check-ups. The weekly check-ups are still continuing.

Started Morning Shift

April, 2007

As the number of students kept growing , morning shift was introduced in in April, 2007.

Kids present skits at Indian Habitat Centre, New Delhi

April, 2007

The Pandies helped the students present skits in the open amphitheatre of Indian Habitat Centre, New Delhi on the 9th and 10th April,2007, which got wide coverage in the print and visual media. The plays centred around the murders that had taken place in Nithari.

New Project at Morna

June, 2007

Another project was started in the adjoining village of Morna for a group of around 60 children in June,2007. This was however wound up after a year because of logistics and problems of monitoring.

Fees assistance for Students


Assistance in the payment of fees of students who were streamlined in the other local schools was taken up in 2007.

Sattu drink started

August, 2007

Sattu drink started being served to the children from August 2007, twice a week and has continued without any interruption. Sattu is now being given to the children on all working days.

Coaching for Navodaya Vidhyala Entrance exam


Coaching for the entrance exam for admission to the sixth standard in Navodaya Vidhyalaya, which are centrally administered residential schools for meritorious children form rural and underpriviledged backgrounds, was started in the year 2007. Two children, Sunil and Masoom, qualified for enrolment in the academic year 2007-08.

Interest Free loans to parents of Kids


Interest-free loans to parents of the students was initiated in 2008, to help them tide over some unforeseen and urgent crisis in their financial circumstances.

Tailoring classes were started.

March, 2009

Computer Literacy

July, 2009

Basic computer literacy for the children in class III onwards.

Payment of a small bonus to the teachers for Diwali.

As a gesture of our appreciation for the committment of the teachers , we started giving a very nominal amount as bonus on the occasion of Diwali. This amount has slightly been increased over the years.

Khushboo qualified


Khushboo qualified for Admsiion to Navodaya Vidhyalaya in 2008-09.

Kids play at American Centre

July, 2010

The children presented plays in the American Centre, New Delhi

Archana qualified

July, 2010

Archana qualified for admission to Navodaya Vidhyalaya in 2009-10.

New premises added to accomodate more Kids

August, 2010

Additional new premises was taken up on rent to accommodate more children. The enrolment strength at this point of time was around 530.

Supply of bananas

September, 2010

Supply of bananas on a weekly/bi-weekly basis began. This was sponsored by the Rotary Club, South Delhi.

Success story of Sony Kumari


One of Saksham’s earliest students, Sony Kumari, who had started coming to the Saksham classes when she was in the IInd standard, completed her senior secondary Board exams and started working in 2011. She simultaneously enrolled for graduation in the Indira Gandhi Open University.

Nitish and Kavita’s Navodaya Admission


In the entrance exam for admission to the Jawahar Navodaya Vidhyalaya in the academic year 2010-11, two children Nitish and Kavita, were selected and have since been admitted to the school at Dhoom Manikpur

Parliment Visit


Two batches from Saksham Vidhyalaya had got the opportunity to visit the Parliament on two different occasions in April and May, 2012. The seniormost batch was also given the opportunity to meet the Honourable Speaker, Mrs. Meira Kumar,during their visit on 18th May,2012. She was kind enough to spend almost half an hour talking to the children.

Completion of Secondary education


Sachin , Sunil, Nitin, Priya, Tanvir and Shubham, whose basic education was imparted in Saksham and whose further schooling had been supported by us, cleared their Xth U.P. Board exams in 2012, scoring 82%, 77%, 77%,72%,65% and 76% respectively.

Sunil’s Success story


Sunil, the first student from Saksham who got admitted in the Navodaya Vidhyalaya, cleared his Xth CBSE Board exam in 2012, scoring 76%.

More Kids qualified to Navodaya


In the academic year 2012-13, three children, Neha and Pinky and Babita qualified in the Entrance exam for admission to the Navodaya Vidhyalya.

Exhibition at IBM


An exhibition was held in the premises of the IBM office in Sector – Noida in 2012, through the initiative of the volunteers from IBM, who had become involved with the school. Painted ceramic pots, colourful paper bags, glass paintings and cloth bags, all made by the children were sold enabling Saksham to raise around Rs. 12000/.

Visit to Magsaysay Award Winner Shri Rajinder Singh


A trip was also arranged in 2012 for a group of around thirty of the senior children to meet Magsaysay Award Winner Shri Rajinder Singh(Popularly known as Waterman) at his Tarun Bharat Sangh Ashram in Alwar.

Completion of Senior Secondary grade examination


Six students – Sachin Kumar, Gourav Dubey, Sunil Kumar, Nitin Kumar, Shubham and Priya, who had their basic education in Saksham and had thereafter enrolled themselves in the Government schools, qualified in their 12th standard examination conducted by the Uttar Pradesh Board in 2013.

More students qualify  in Xth grade examination


Six of our regular students – Shipra, Sudama, Kiran, Raakhee, Ravi and Uddhesh completed their 10th Utter Pradesh Board exams in 2013.

Upasana qualified to Navodaya


Upasana qualified in the entrance exam for admission to Navodaya in the academic year 2013-14, but for domestic reasons did not join.

Sunil selected for special IIT Coaching


Sunil, the first student of Saksham to be enrolled in the Navodaya Vidhyalaya in Dhoom Manikpur village, Ghaziabasd(U.P), completed his Senior Secondary (CBSE Board) in 2014 and was also was selected for special coaching for appearing in the entrance exam for admission to the I.I.T under the “GAIL Utkarsh Super 100” project at Kanpur.

Puneet  and Satyam qualify for admission to  Navodaya


Two children Puneet and  Satyam , qualified for enrolment in the Navodaya Vidhyalaya in the academic year 2014-15.

Kids qualify  in XIIth grade examination


Laxmi, Tanvir, Sangita, Shahid and Yogesh cleared the Senior Secondary (UP Board) exam in 2015.

Kids qualified in Xth grade examination


Anuj, Santosh, Sourabh, Avinash and Brijesh qualified in the Secondary (UP Board) exam in 2015.

Madhu qualifies for admission  to Navodaya


Madhu qualified in the Entrance exam for admission to Navodaya in the academic year 2015-16

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