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Growing up with Saksham – In Laxmi’s words

Growing up with Saksham – In Laxmi’s words

Laxmi ‘s family hails from the Almora District of Uttarakhand.  Her father  had migrated to the city many years ago.  Her mother had followed him  along with her three children some years later.

Her father worked a t odd jobs  in hotels and such and the income had always been meager and erratic. Her mother ‘s  earnings  as an ayah  in a household where she’s been working for many years and later  in a similar job in a school  has been the  more  consistent  source of livelihood.

Both Laxmi and her younger brother Yogesh ,have been coming to Saksham from the time they were very small kids.  Both of them have now completed Senior Secondary  from the Government school and have enrolled themselves for graduation in a college  nearby.

This is Laxmi’s own narrative of her involvement with Saksham. The passage is unedited and exactly as she  wrote it.

“Hi, I am Laxmi Uniyal and I am going to share my experience with Saksham Vidhyalaya.

When I was only seven year old, then I started to go Saksham. There are about 300 children at that time.

There are about 6-8 teachers at that time.

I noticed that there method to teach children different than the  other school and the teachers of Saksham are very close to their student. They don’t have any kind of hesitation in their mind. The teacher  of Saksham and he student of it , both are very frank with each other.  If they have any doubt in their mind, they can ask it very easily.

It is a platform where  every kind of kid can come and get education. Here  is no place for good or bad.We just trying to be  balance in every point of view. The teacher is always try to do their best for the kid of Saksham.

We are not say that we have all the facilities as public school but we can say that our method to teach kids and their power to pick up it very soon and smartly better than the students of public school. We can say it very surely that we have all the enough material  for the kid of Saksham. Here is no place for poor or rich. We just want equality and nothing else.

I now work with Saksham as a teacher. In present time in it about 14 teachers. Every teacher has unique quality or method of teaching children. There are about 400 kids in it at this time and every kid has a sharp mind. They are very hard work. They always try to get more and more knowledge with their teachers. Both are don’t want to lose their company and I forget to say that I am very lucky that  I was kid of it , then volunteer of it and now I became a teacher of it. I feel very proud  myself  that I am a teacher of it. The knowledge that I have received from it got chance to give it back.

There are many Trustees of Saksham. I would like to thanks to all of them for their financial support because they always ready for the help of Saksham. They used to come to Saksham to meet with kids. We have need for their support.

At the end of my experience , I just want to say that  I got  every kind of knowledge from it. It is a best place for our bright future. We can get every kind of help or support from here.

Once again I would like to thank all the Trustees and all the teachers. I always be proud of myself to be part of it.

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